My Travels :D – Rome

When choosing my destinations for my trip, some cities were easier to pick than others. Rome was a definite. I love Italy and I wanted to spend as much time as I could exploring the gorgeous cities. I decided there was too much to see in my favourite capitol so I had to stay a little longer than the other places.

I stayed in Rome for five days… it was not enough at all.

When we arrived I checked myself in and had to walk (with my heavy bag, up a hill… I thought I had left all the hills in Wales!) to my little caravan (better than the tent in Venice.) Now I am not the brightest spark in the plug, but I am aware on how to open a door with a key… or so I thought. I spent at least five to ten minutes trying to open this caravan door with no luck. Happily my roommate for three days arrived (she was on the same bus trip I was on) It took both our intellects to work out how this door opened and finally we succeeded.
In all fairness, I didn’t pay much so I wasn’t expecting much but it was lovely, plus I would only be sleeping here so I was happy with anything.

My new friend Morgan and I decided to go and check out the shop and restaurant, meaning let’s get alcohol and pizza and be happy.
The restaurant on the campsite was very, very nice. Outside they had hanging umbrellas instead of lights which was different, but super lovely. I had ordered a pizza, because you’re in Rome, why not have pizza. And it was gorgeous. Bravo Rome, Bravo.

On my second day, Morgan and I found our way on the bus and underground into Rome. (We were staying a few miles outside of the city) We had to get to the old forum to begin a walking tour that was organised by the Busabout company. No word of a lie, it was sunny when we went into the underground, but when we came out the other side we found ourselves in a downpour. Neither of us had brought an umbrella or coat, I was wearing a thin, green vest and within five minutes I was soaked.
We had a great tour guide who really knew what he was talking about, he was Scottish or Irish, I can’t remember. We walked everywhere, learning about the history of the great city. I couldn’t believe how amazing everything was. All in semi good condition… considering how long it has all been there.
So during the tour, the weather, although very warm, had obviously noticed I was missing my Welsh weather and had given me rain. First it was sunny, then it was raining, then there was thunder and a bit of lightning (everyone had umbrellas or brightly coloured ponchos… I was terrified) I still managed to take a LOT of photos even though I had to hide my camera underneath a random scarf in my bag.

The Colosseum… beautiful, The Forum… stunning, The Vatican… Amazing.

I’m getting ahead of myself. The second night in Roma was one of the worst on my trip, and yet one of the most incredible all at the same time. We found ourselves in the middle of one of the worst storms I have ever seen. I have only experienced something like that when I was much younger, so this was a truly terrifying experience, it is something that I will not forget in a hurry. Earth shaking thunder claps and blinding lightening strikes. A storm that you never really see in the Welsh/English countryside. I remember hearing the laughs and cheers of the two girls, only a few years younger than me who were staying in the adjoining caravan and the other girl that was staying in our part of the caravan. I couldn’t believe that there were people actually enjoying mother natures tantrum. With the thunder claps sending vibrations through my entire body, I didn’t think that I would ever get to sleep. Thankfully, the land of nod did indeed find me… eventually.

I think I will leave it there for now and pick up from where I left off… I still have many things to cover of my time in Roma.





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